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DLD and Me book

DLD And Me: Supporting Children and Young People with Developmental Language Disorder is a book is designed for speech and language therapists, teachers, other professionals and parents. The book consists of an easy-to-follow 12 week programme to help children and young people with DLD understand their strengths, what DLD is and how they can support their own communication in everyday life. The programme was awarded the Sternberg Award for Clinical Innovation by the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists in 2019. Have a look at the book preview here.


Key features include:

  • clearly worded session plans for therapists or education staff to follow;

  • engaging visual resources to accompany the session plans, each available to photocopy and download;

  • home sheets to keep families involved and informed;

  • information sheets and training plans for parents and carers;

  • information sheets for education staff;

  • outcome measures to evaluate progress.


This video was made for the RCSLT Sternberg Clinical Innovation award, which was awarded to DLD And Me in 2019.

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